Renting Out Partner

Property Showcase

Are you too busy or too far away and not able to show your property to genuine prospects? Do not worry and let us handle it for you. We list your property in different classified portals and we will be the single point of contact for all the enquiries generated. We will coordinate with the prospects and show them the property. All for a small fixed fee and absolutely NO BROKERAGE.

  • We list your property in different classifieds and real estate property portals on regular intervals. . Any paid listing in other property portals, if opted for by you will be charged as per actual.
  • We are the contact point for all the enquiries generated and we will explain the best features of the property to the prospects.
  • We will show the property to prospects based on their convenience and availability.
  • Our representative ensures that the property is properly locked before they leave.
  • We update you with the interest levels of the prospects, their background and professional details for you to decide on the right prospect.
Rental Agreement Assistance

Are you too busy to check the rental agreement draft with a legal expert to ensure that your interests are protected? Do not worry and let us handle it for you. We customize the agreement to meet your requirements and handle the process from start to finish.

  • We send you a standard draft of the rental/lease agreement.
  • Upon receipt of agreed terms and conditions, the final draft of rental agreement is prepared and vetted by our empanelled lawyer.
  • Our executive coordinates with you and the tenant for getting the agreement signed.
Tenant Vacating Inspection

Is your tenant vacating the property in your absence? Let us handle the final inspection and keep you stress free.

  • We inspect your property before and at the time the tenant vacates.
  • A complete inventory check against the original list as per rental agreement is conducted.
  • Our executive checks the payment of association dues / maintenance charges (till date), last electricity meter reading and bill payment status (if applicable). Any pay out towards maintenance/electricity bill to be made by the tenant shall be intimated to you for recovery / deduction from rental deposit.
  • A complete report including photographs and a video is sent after we complete the vacating inspection.
  • We temporarily (limited to one month) take custody of the keys, if you are unavailable to take possession of the property.
Rental Agreement Drafting

We draft and finalize rental/lease agreement liaising with you and the tenant. In the event that you cannot be present, we provide the necessary paperwork for a limited/specific power of attorney so that we or a representative of your choosing can sign on your behalf. In such cases, power of attorney adjudication charges and lawyer fee will be billed extra.

Explaining Restrictions and Responsibilities to the Tenant

We explain the limitations, restrictions and responsibilities of the tenant towards the usage of the property at the time of signing the rental/lease agreement.

Rent Collection Assistance

At the beginning of the month, we collect the rent cheque and deposit it in your bank account based on your instructions. A scanned copy of the deposit receipt will be sent to you.

Utility Bill Payment

Alerts will be sent to you regarding the utility bill payments (restricted to electricity, water and maintenance bill). The onus of making these payments on time will rest with the tenant or the owner, depending on the lease agreement. In the event of needing assistance to pay these bills, we will facilitate the payments to the utilities provided the monies are received well in time.

Service Category Service Service Charges
(in Rs)
Actual Charges if Any Duration
Renting out Partner Finding Tenant One month rent Nil  
Renting out Partner Making Property Rentable 2999/- Yes  
Renting out Partner Property Showcase 2499/- Nil Five Times
Renting out Partner Advertising Property 799/- Nil  
Renting out Partner Tenant screening and shortlisting 4999/- Nil  
Renting out Partner Rent collection assistance & Followups 1999/- Nil  
Renting out Partner Statement of Accounts 499/- Nil  
Renting out Partner Relocation Services 999/- Nil  
Renting out Partner Tenant Vaccating Inspection 1499/- Nil  
Renting out Partner Explaining Restrictions & Responsibilities 999/- Nil  
Renting out Partner Utility bill payments 499/- Yes  

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